Narrabean - Sydney - NSW

Pittwater Road

A new build multi residential complex was experiencing cracks in the roof slab caused by structural movement and proposed a liquid membrane ballasted system to the roof area. Liquid membranes inability to handle cracking substrates and shearing caused the builder to rethink the waterproofing system. Fatra proposed our mechanically fixed cool roof system where the membrane is installed over the insulation removing the requirement for a ballast and concerns of the membrane failing.

The Fatra mechanically fixed insulated roof system provides the client with a system that can doesn't require a ballast therefore reduce structural loading on the building, ability to test the membrane for any breaches caused by external contractors, minimise thermal bridging, improve thermal efficiency whilst being cost effective compared to traditional insulated roof systems.

The FatraPar vapour control layer was installed below the insulation to prevent water ingress created by condensation, sealed with butyl tape. An XPS insulation was then laid over the FatraPar VCL with a geotextile fabric separation layer and then anchored to the structure. Our Fatrafol 810v PVC membrane was then installed over our Fatra pad system creating a none penetrative mechanically fixed cool roof system.

Project Stats

Total Area

Method of Application
Mechanically Fixed - Cool Roof

Fatrafol 810v

Area of Application

New Build - Residential

8 weeks


None Penetrative System

Reduced Thermal Bridging

Superior Compression Strength