St Ives - NSW

Cowan Street

A high end residential project in the heart of St ives had been experiencing numerous water ingress issues for a number of years to the balconies, door thresholds, planter boxes and main roof. Fatra worked closely with our approved applicator to

provide a fully in-depth specification which incorporated site specific cavity flashings, door detailing, methodology and scope of works to implement our Fatrafol 807v PVC membrane to the balconies and main roof as well as our Fatrafol 810v PVC membrane to the planter boxes and wall cavities. Our approved contractor executed the work to the highest of standards and rectified all the water ingress issues the building had been plagued with for years.

This project is a perfect example of how all Fatrafol PVC membranes can be integrated to provide a sustainable and fully homogenous waterproofing system. From roof, to balconies which are connect to the planter boxes and cavities, there wasn’t any need for numerous types of membranes, additional layers to provide root resistance and site specific cavity termination flashing made the process simple, easy and cost affective.

Project Stats

Total Area

Method of Application
Fully Adhered / Mechanically Fixed

Fatrafol 810v/807v PVC Membrane

Area of Application
Roof / Planter Boxes / Balconeis / Cavities

Remedial - Residential

8 weeks


Fully Integrated System

100% Root Resistance

20 Year System Warranty