Prospect - Sydney - NSW


An existing cold store facility had excessive leaks to their refrigeration warehouse where the sealant between the roof panels had dramatically failed. The client decided to replace the roof panels and opt for a proven waterproofing system that will not fail prematurely. Fatra proposed our Fatrafol 807v PVC membrane to fully adhered to the steel lined panel using our moisture curing polyurethane adhesive.

The Fatrafol PVC membrane has excellent shear and tear capabilities enabling the membrane to cope with the excessive movement the building is exposed to and not tearing the membrane at the panel joints. This meticulously programmed and phased project required the best possible waterproofing system to protect from water ingress for a sustained period of time. If the warehouse experience water ingress it would cost tens of thousands of dollars a day in lost revenue and down time which is why the client trust a supplier of Fatras stature with a track record of over 75 years protecting our clients buildings and businesses from all elements.

Project Stats

Total Area

Method of Application
Mechanically Fixed - Cool Roof

Fatrafol 810v

Area of Application

New Build - Commercial

8 weeks


Superior Waterproofing Performance

Excellent Thermal Efficiancy

Reduced Structural Loading