Rethinking Roofing Envelope

Incorporating Rigid PIR Insulation and PVC Single Ply Membrane as an air barrier

Steve Huxham
22th November 2020

Incorporating Rigid PIR Insulation and PVC Single Ply Membrane as an air barrier is the foundation of modern 2019 NCC compliant design

In Australia, new building codes are pushing the limits of architectural complexity, for performance, energy consumption and sustainability. New approaches to roofing design and implementation are needed to meet strict demands for thermal performance, airtightness and longevity of product performance. Rigid PIR insulation as a high performing thermal element and Single Ply PVC membranes as air barriers have emerged as a fundamental component for the longevity of thermal and product performance for NCC compliant roofing solutions.

Our Project Builder and Partner Network provides full details on how rigid PIR insulation and Fatra Australia’s (Fatrafol 810v) single ply membrane as air barriers can be incorporated into high-performing roofs, withstanding the most challenging of Australian weather conditions, and all with a manufacturer backed 30 year warranty.

Under the Council of Australian Government (COAG) 2015 National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP), and with the endorsement by the Building Ministers forum, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) was requested to update the energy efficiency provisions of buildings in the new 2019 NCC. 

As a researched focus on Energy Performance of buildings, the NCC 2019 ABCB was introduced to focus on increasing the stringency of the energy efficiency provisions of commercial buildings.

Research has proven that if we don’t eliminate Thermal Bridging, Condensation and Air Leakage, our buildings will not comply and perform to the reduced energy consumption that Australia needs to achieve by aims of reducing energy productivity by 40 per cent by 2030.

So with this in mind and when designing a building that will give you the new 2019 NCC compliance requirements (Longevity of Thermal Performance, Eliminating Structural Thermal Bridging, Eliminating Condensation, and Better Airtightness), it makes sense for you to design a Fatra insulated roofing system!