11 Benefits of Green Roof

Correct System Selection for Green Roof or Planter Boxes

Steve Huxham
21th December 2020

Globally Fatra have been producing PVC single ply membranes (SPM) since 1939, being the first company in the world to do this and now the second largest producer in the World. The Australian team have been involved with the construction industry for over 45 years, concentrating on 2019 NCC Part J compliant insulated waterproofing solutions. Fatra systems have up to 30 years manufacturer backed warranty and can, with a maintenance program in place, last the lifetime of the building.

Regarding Green Roof solutions for all building types and more specifically for CBD buildings that need to reduce the solar heat gain from the lovely Australian sunshine, Fatra Australia can provide the solution.

But why incorporate a Green Roof on your next project...

  1. Air quality - Greenery on roofs and walls helps remove harmful pollutants from the air, keeping city air cleaner and healthier. They can also improve air quality inside the building.
  2. Beauty Biodiversity - Green roofs and walls provide space for insects, reptiles and bird life to find water, food and shelter. Biodiversity is vital for a healthy urban environment.
  3. Looks - Green roofs and walls are beautiful. They can turn a drab wall or bitumen roof into a striking building feature.
  4. Living Space - The human need to be around living plants is called ‘biophillia’. There are numerous studies showing the physical and mental health benefits human beings experience from being in and around growing plants.
  5. Roof life - Green roofs have been proven to extend the life of a roof by up to 40 years. The green roof limits the roofs exposure to sun and weather. It keeps roof temperatures more even and minimises expansion and contraction from temperature changes.
  6. Thermal Performance - Green roofs and walls insulate buildings, reducing reliance on active heating and cooling and reducing energy consumption. We also enhance that performance to comply with the 2019 NCC Part J requirements by insulating with either PIR or XPS insulation, underneath our Fatra SPM.
  7. Urban Heat Island Effect - Heat from the sun is absorbed by hard surfaces and re-radiated out into the environment, leading to higher city temperatures. Green roofs and walls lower this Urban Heat Island effect, making the city a more comfortable place to be.
  8. Water - Green roofs slow and clean the rainwater run-off from buildings, helping waterways by reducing run-off and water pollution.
  9. Noise - Green roofs and walls insulate the building from outside noise, creating a quieter, more peaceful indoor environment.
  10. Roof Use - With Green Roofs and Walls, previously unused space can be turned into valuable space for recreation, growing food, gardening etc.
  11. Solar Energy - Green roofs improve the efficiency of solar panels by keeping the surrounding temperature at an optimum level for solar panel efficiency. Fatra Australia also provide a none penetrating Solar Panel support system.

The Fatra Green roof solutions provide longevity of performance, with up to 30 year manufacturer backed warranty. They also eliminate condensation, thermal bridges, achieves superior air tightness and reduces energy consumption.

For more information please get in touch with pour team at or call 0297232048

Central Park Building in Sydney CBD