Environmental Waterproofing
Over 75 Years Of Experience
Fatra Australia provide waterproofing systems and solutions that are specifically designed and tailored to the Australian new build and remedial waterproofing industry.

Fatra Australia have carried out extensive research into the waterproofing industry and have identified a need for sustainable waterproofing solutions that are designed and manufactured to protect the most important assets. Your home, family and employees. 

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Fatra have been manufacturing PVC membranes since 1935 and are one of the worlds first PVC membrane manufacturers.

Fatra have been supplying our PVC membrane systems for over 80 years to over 50 countries worldwide.

Fatra offer an array of PVC membranes, accessories and ancillaries for almost every aspect of almost every project. Fatra also provide the knowledge and support required to ensure our membranes and systems reach their potential.

Fatra is more than just a PVC membrane. Fatra provide an array of different waterproofing systems tailored to our clients needs and requirements. Click on the image to find out what systems Fatra can offer you.


Fatra offer an array of different membranes and ancillaries which provide a full integrated PVC waterproofing system for almost any waterproofing requirements.